My Tragus Piercing☆

Four weeks ago, I had my tragus pierced. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this part of your ear:


I know there are a load of videos and blog posts – and all that good stuff – about it, but I thought I’d tell you my experience and what I thought about it.


Before I got my tragus pierced, I already had 4 piercings – 2 lobe ones on each ear. I got the first ones done when I was 8, and the second were in April 2013. They were both done with a gun at a hair salon in a department store, which doesn’t sound great, but the lady had the license and everything, so it’s good. They both remained un-infected and have been ever since they were pierced, they’ve been fine and looked really good!

Time and a Place

I got my tragus pierced at a new hair salon, that does full-body piercings. It had to pre-book the appointment because the lady only worked like 2 days or something. Her name was Sarah and she had 10 piercings on each ear and both of her tragus’s were pierced. She was really nice and explained everything really nicely, and she just did the whole thing in about 10 seconds!


When I went in, I had a few questions about the stud. I was worried about changing it, and if I had to put it in any differently from the lobe piercings. I thought it was like a regular stud, with a butterfly back. However, I had a labret back, which is like a flat dome-y shape. It was either this, or the full ball thing. I didn’t know before I asked, but I found out that the earring goes in from behind the tragus, instead of at the front. Is that stupid? Ah well. The only thing that you really have to change, is the front part. This is the part that everyone sees, and you can basically change to anything! I’m really looking forward to changing it or the first time, as now I just have a dark silver ball. Woo. She was really nice and said that, if I wanted to, I could go to her and she would change it for me – which I thought was lovely of her to offer. I can go any time from 8 weeks, so only another 4 to wait!


I honestly think this was the worst part of the whole experience. I don’t think most places do this, but at the salon I went to, you had the choice of whether you wanted to have your ear frozen (well, only the part that was relevant to your piercing). I just though ‘yeah, why the hell not. It might make it hurt less’, so I had it frozen. After I did, I asked here to stop for a second, as it started to hurt. It wasn’t painful, just really uncomfortable. It just really made my ear ache – it felt like someone constantly pressing on a bruise, if you get what I mean? But after a minute or so, it was okay so she carried on!


The piercing was done with a sterilised needle – though I don’t actually remember seeing it, just hearing Sarah tell me (I think I was too scared to look). My mom was there with me the whole time, which was encouraging. It went through pretty speedily, I just remember having to wiggle it around for like a millisecond, to get it through. Sounds awful, but it really wasn’t. Then she put the earring through, from the back towards the front. Once it was done, I just remember being like ‘yeah, that wasn’t so bad after all’!


As I’ve said, the most painful mart was probably the freezing, But still, it wasn’t pain, just uncomfortable-ness. The needle going through didn’t hurt, it was really when she out the earring in, as it was coming through the front hole, there was brief sharp pain, but it was fine afterwards!

Straight Afterwards

At first, I honestly just felt so damn cool. I was walking back to the car, and people probably didn’t even notice, but knowing I had it done was pretty amazing. I wasn’t really expecting much pain, as I had no pain with my other piercings, just a bit of stinging afterwards. With this one however, I didn’t even get any stinging. I think was probably down to the freezing, which even though not at the time, I am pretty thankful for now! The only thing I remember feeling afterwards, was a slight throbbing when the freezing started to wear off! But that’s it!


Cleaning wise, I was told I could either make up my own salt water each morning/night and use that on a cotton bud to press (gently) around the piercing, or buy the ready-made solution. I chose the solution, as I just thought it would be the easiest way to keep it clean and uninfected. I was instructed, for the first two weeks, to spray it in the cap and use a cotton bud, with the solution soaked fully into it, every morning and night. For the following two weeks, I was too spray it onto my ear, once a day. The final two weeks were the same, but this time only every other day. This was the minimum of time needed to be spent on cleaning, but whenever I went swimming, or did an activity which may make me feel like it needs cleaning, I could use it then too.


Sleeping on this piercing is no where near as difficult or uncomfortable as I expected it to be. I think this is, as Sarah said, because it is almost sheltered by the outside of my ear. The tragus is ideally located for a lot of the pressure to be taken off of that area, when trying to sleep. For the first few nights, I was quite weary, but now I am not worried at all, and am used to the feeling of it being there.


I don’t think there is any difference, now that I have the piercing, in how I shower. I don’t purposely try and avoid getting any products near it, I just do exactly what I did before and it has been fine! Drying/styling my hair also is not effected, and like sleeping, I am just generally used to it being there now.


Its quite sad really, but I was told that I am not allowed to wear headphones in my ear, for a at least 8 weeks. She said that after that, I can wear them whenever I feel ready too. That time hasn’t come yet, with it only being 4 weeks and all, but I cant wait! For now though, I just suffice for one in my right ear</3.

This is what it looks like now, and I’m pretty chuffed about it if I’m honest! I love it so much, I’m thinking about getting another piercing, though this time, I think I want to get my cartilage/helix done. On my right ear, I think, though.


Thanks for reading!

Cassidy xo


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